How to train a puppy when you work from home,

Judith Speyer did exactly this for her shih tzu. The new puppy needs a lot of attention and companionship. Unfortunately, many puppies left alone for hours on end, will chew things up. Of course, it fills you with sadness to think your pup might miss out, so what to do with a dog while at work? If you never separate from your dog, he will have a hard time feeling comfortable by himself when you do have to leave him. As you can see, it is not possible to leave a brand new puppy in a crate for longer than an hour at most during the day without risking accidents. Which is of course, the opposite of what we want. Friends — Michael, Kristen, Jason, and Nicola have all been life lines for me and my puppies.

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Leaving a Puppy Home Alone

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Why keep a dog when you work full time?

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  • This makes toilet training harder, not easier, as a puppy learns you have an irrational dislike of their bodily function.

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What Do You Do With Your Puppy When You Work Full Time?

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  • Puppies that are lonely will often howl, and scream.
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