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This is further evidence of extensive trade networks operating in the Preclassic. A market exchange mechanism has been noted at Classic period Calakmul murals that depict a range of specialists near an area that appears to be a market Feinman and Garraty Subsistence Items and Trade Early Maya city-states tended to produce all of their own subsistence items. Their work from home evaluator were usually carried by human cargo haulers who were called tlamemes. Go to map with site of pyramids where you can click on them to see ancient illustrations and modern pictures. During this time there was also a considerable decrease across the Maya region in the use of Ixtepeque and San Martin Jiotepeque obsidian and increases in El Chayal obsidian; a pattern that continued into the Classic Hester et al. An estimated 21, cores overwhelmingly linked to production areas is recorded for the Postclassic at this site which far exceeds household needs Mckillop

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Mayan Economy and Trade Goods

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Maya History Suggests Trade Patterns Played Key Role In Collapse

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