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The risk to you is very low. Tim has a great story. Warriors", the reality TV series that focused on successful traders, hedge fund managers, and wall street players. The hypothetical examples never incorporate the effects of slippage. Much of your profit can be eaten up with slippage costs and the newsletter promoters never seem to take this into account. This is because the level of access, price data and transparency is much better with small capitalization stocks that are traded on a major exchange. Thus for the purposes of this discussion I will define Penny Stocks as very low priced shares in small cap or micro cap companies which are traded on an exchange. Penny stock trading systems can provide some diversification from a standard long side stock trading system because the drivers of share price in a particular penny stock trading system stock will likely be more company specific than broad based market moves. Jordan spent countless hours going through website after website of the same recycled general information, spending thousands of dollars on newsletters and advisory services.


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    Just like the example below, penny stock trading systems have the potential to capture these large profitable moves.

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