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Information on the valuation of stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs)

Although most private companies have transfer restrictions on their stock, transfers between immediate family members are usually exempted. In that case, the parties were married on June 19, A different time rule than in the Hug case was used to differentiate between vested options that are clearly separate property for which no time rule would be applied, and those which include both a community effort and separate effort. In most cases, this reduction should be taken into account in the valuation. The court found that the doubling of the G. Charles F. In addition, a recent Ohio case raises the question of whether stock options are available for child support.

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  1. As with most other issues, the true answer lies in compromise.
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  3. The DeJesus court was persuaded that the Miller type analysis best accommodated the twin tensions between portions of stock plans acquired during the marriage versus those acquired outside of the marriage, and stock plans which are designed to compensate for past services versus those designed to compensate for future services.
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  5. As with most other issues, the true answer lies in compromise.
  6. Trading off immediate salary for long range benefits, such as stock options, may be one alternative which could defeat the amount of child support which would otherwise be paid.

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Dividing Stock Option Assets in a Divorce

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Information on the valuation of stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs)

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Valuation of stock options

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Stock Options in Divorce | Loeb & Herman The Out-of-State Approach Like New Jersey, the majority of states in this country do consider unvested stock options to be property subject to distribution in marital dissolution proceedings. The simpliest way to determine the present value of the RSU is to discount the present value of the company stock for the probability of vesting and income tax.

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What are stock options?

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Who Supplies the Cash to Exercise? Although most private companies have transfer restrictions on their stock, transfers between immediate family members are usually exempted.

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