Pak Rupee plunges to all time low at 133.6 against Dollar ahead of IMF bailout plan

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Previous article. The decline in foreign-exchange reserves could lead to more jitters among overseas investors over Pakistan's ability to service its foreign-currency denominated debts. He subsequently stated that he had decided with his team—but without consulting the Ministry of Finance—that such currency depreciation was necessary to stem imbalances in the country's external sector. The dramatic decline in the value of Pak rupee could trigger panic in the market. However, Pakistan, like many of the other developing economies, continued with the fixed exchange rate regime until when it shifted to managed float. The recent rate change will have minimal impact either on imports or on exports because the rate is still substantially overvalued to the extent of about 15 percent. The Pakistani Rupee as we know it today was first circulated in the country after the British Raj was dissolved in Still, we believe that the authorities will be broadly successful in keeping the exchange rate against the US dollar relatively stable ahead of the parliamentary polls, due by August forex pakistan usd to pkr

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PKR/USD exchange rate: hanging on a weak peg

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Pak Rupee vs Dollar: Rupee Sinks As Pakistan Seeks IMF Bailout

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Pak Rupee vs Dollar: Rupee Sinks As Pakistan Seeks IMF Bailout

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