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Across the board, imaging volume is going up and reimbursement is going down, and radiologists are under increasing pressure to meet turnaround times and churn out more studies. A face to face or even phone conversation will almost always be more informative, allowing the radiologist to understand the clinical scenario better and to specifically address the question at hand, as well as aiding the referring clinician in understanding the probability of each diagnosis listed in a differential and the appropriate next imaging steps, if any. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx received termination notices because the hospital is ending their residency program. Search its jobs database with keyword "telework. Combined with the fact that the newer generation of physicians is more how to get become rich quickly to looking at their own imaging and now have the technological capability to do so, there is a lot less interaction with the radiologist than there used to be. Another question I could go on forever about! This company, formerly known as Virtual Radiologic Teleradiology Services, is a provider of teleradiology services and solutions.

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